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We know you love your !iT COLLECTIVE® jeans.  Now is your chance to let everyone know and receive a $25 Nordstrom gift card just for reviewing your pair on Nordstrom.com. 


Here’s how:


If you’ve purchased one of the currently offered !iT COLLECTIVE® bottoms on Nordstrom.com, you can receive a $25 Nordstrom gift card just by leaving a product review online at Nordstrom.com.  If you haven’t yet bought a pair of !iT COLLECTIVE®, now is the time!  Simply purchase a pair from Nordstrom.com, leave a review, and we’ll send you a $25 Nordstrom gift card.*  



Redeem your gift card by simply following the instructions below: 


Once you’ve had time to evaluate your pair of !iT COLLECTIVE®, review the product on Nordstrom.com.  Here’s how:

1.) Sign in to your Nordstrom.com account.  Whether you’re a new or returning customer, you’ll need to sign in.  

2.) Navigate to the !iT Collective product you wish to review and click on 'Write a Review' underneath the product image. 

3.) Rate the item. You decide whether your item is a five-star standout or otherwise less.  Just click on the star that matches your assessment of the item. 

4.) Write your review.  Take a few minutes to explain your star rating.  Describe what you like or dislike about the item and why. 

5.) Check the box to receive an e-mail when your review is posted.

6.) Preview and Submit your review.  Look over what you’ve written and make sure you’re happy with it.  Ready? Click ’Submit Review.’  

7.) Once you receive the confirmation email stating your review has been posted to Nordstrom.com, forward this email to us, along with a proof of purchase, to review@itbrand.com



*For a limited time only - Contest ends March 30th, 2015 or 50 gift cards are redeemed.    

*Proof of purchase may include a scanned copy of the original receipt or the e-reciept email from the retail store you purchased from. 

*Limit one (1) Nordstrom gift card per household.

*Offer valid in U.S. only.